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February 14th, 1977

This Scottish performance (which FZ introduces as "our first night" - unfortunately, the second is unavailable) has somewhat mediocre sound but is yet another entertaining, mostly standard performance.

FZ's Torture solo is fairly laid-back, and is mainly notable for the way O'Hearn and Bozzio unerringly find the right gaps to fill in. City Of Tiny Lites has another cool jam between these two, with Bozzio doing the same Latin beat which he would perfect in Wild Love on the next tour. On Pound, FZ has switched the solo vamp to 4/4 for some reason - again, Bozzio excels with a non-standard solo.

The typical series of short songs follows (FZ offers a bit of heavy metal chording before My Guitar), with an unfortunate cut in the interlude between Broken Hearts and Dong Work. Manx Needs Women is less powerful than usual - sounds like one of Eddie's synths didn't work.

Titties & Beer is the principal reason to get this tape - one of the best dialogue bits ever. I won't spoil it, but topics referenced include Ruth, Chester, the Sex Pistols and FZ's penis. Black Napkins follows, with FZ reaching an unusually hard, screaming climax for a winter '77 solo on this song. The encores are notable only for FZ's rant at the end of Dinah Moe Humm regarding British journalist Chris Welch.